Hi, I’m Tami.  Welcome to my blog.  I’m excited that you’re here and hope something you read/see/watch connects with you.

Life has a way of surprising us, even when we’ve been surprised a lot and should know better. Here I am writing reflections about my Pacific Crest Trail 2015 thru hike . . . Something I said I would never do . . . Surprise!

I live a simple life in the Pacific Northwest. I love when the sun comes out in Portland, sharing outdoor adventures of all kinds with people, and exploring the local food/coffee/beer scene. I get to be part of a family, community of friends, and church all of whom I completely adore and try to love well.

Besides hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, there are other things I enjoy doing, being a part of, and advocating for. Those things might show up on this blog someday, too, which is more enticing than listing them out for you here. You’ll just have to wait to find out what they are!







2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary Ann Calhoun says:

    HI Tami – Hope you and Kasey are having a great time. Scott and I ran into you guys on an incredibly beautiful day in Lower Muley Twist Canyon (we shared our water 🙂 and I looked up your blog and found it! You write so beautifully, and so does Kasey (found on FB) I just wanted to give you my e-mail address and let you know you have a place to stay if you are ever in San Diego. It was great to meet you guys and hope the Hayduke is fun and inspiring! Keep up the good and important work of writing about the beauty of adventure travel.
    Mary Ann **note email spelling mayrann not maryann**

    • Tami Ankeny says:

      Hi Mary Ann! It was so fun to read your comment!! And, thanks again for that extra water. We had an incredible time in Lower Miley Twist-what a gem. I will definitely keep the San Diego option in mind! You never know what hiking adventures will be next. Thanks for your generosity!

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